Brand Recruitment – Perfecting the packaging process for ultimate impact

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September 11, 2020
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Brand Recruitment – Perfecting the packaging process for ultimate impact

victoire-print-working-with-brand-recruitment-1-smallBrand Recruitment was recently crowned ‘Best Regional Agency’ – a prestigious accolade to shout about! In they have undergone a period of change with their rebranding exercise, resulting in a few challenges for us along the way.

We were contacted by Brand Recruitment to come up with a solution in answer to their chocolate box packaging issues. A very generous company, Brand regularly sends to both clients and candidates who have been placed a ‘thank you’ in the form of a box of hand-crafted chocolates produced by local artisan chocolatier, Alison Reed.

A slicker process and more professional-looking package was required. Inheriting a design visual for a new-style packaging box, we recommended retaining the look of the outer parts, but advised against a complex tray design, which would have been prohibitively expensive.

Looking closely at the process, and the individual packaging elements involved, we were able to provide a cost-effective, time-saving process, with the end result being a corporate gift, bang on brand, with increased perceived value and impact.

The old process…

The beautiful chocolates were supplied to Brand Recruitment in clear plastic trays. These, in turn, were placed into a small ‘off-the-shelf’ plain white box with lid. The chocolate box was then placed into a plain-white ‘fold up’ mailing box, with some ribbons and shredded paper, and a ‘thank you’ card enclosed. Altogether plain! This outer packaging box, because it only had a tuck-in lid, needed to be further wrapped in brown paper for security purposes before a branded address label was applied and the parcel sent on its way in the post to the lucky recipient.

Changes made…

Looking at the various elements, we were able to identify opportunities to improve the finish of the chocolate box, and achieve this in a cost-effective way. This was done by replicating the old box in shape, construction and size – already a perfect fit for the chocolate trays. The box was then transformed from the dull white to a pink base colour, to fit with their branding, with the Brand Recruitment logo reversed out, plus an all over UV varnish.

Introducing a simple sleeve with soft touch lamination added a nice tactile exterior finish and increased strength. The sleeve has a cut out window revealing the logo on the box lid below.

The final change that we implemented to improve the process was to supply a bespoke version of the outer cardboard mailing box, with a tape closure and zipper-style opening; this then replaced the old unsecure box and brown wrapping paper.

To add an element of fun, we then overprinted some of the existing address labels with the message ‘Open me’ at no extra cost.

The end result is a stunning and tasty gift we know all clients and candidates will be delighted to receive, and which underlines the new branding!

Emma Wright of Brand Recruitment comments:

“Like many other projects we have worked on previously, Victoire made this a really easy and smooth process for us, resulting in the exact product we had envisioned from the start! We have had a great response from candidates and clients that have received the product (of course the contents of the chocolates has helped!) which has definitely increased because of the improvement in packaging!”