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February 5, 2020
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March 10, 2020

Corporate Identity Change Print Work

Changing the name of an established company is never a decision taken lightly. Ely-based B&W Mechanical Handling Limited, part of the internationally renowned Aumund Group, had the conviction to undertake this project and evolved into SAMSON Materials Handling Limited. According to the company, the progression was a reflection of the great success Samson equipment had played in the company’s development right from the start. Samson printed items by Victoire Press

SAMSON Materials Handling Limited has provided a range of specialist engineering solutions to the bulk materials handling industry since 1966, with now more than 3,000 installations worldwide. Designing and manufacturing mobile equipment that can move an incredibly wide range of materials, the company’s products are used in diverse industries, from mining and minerals to alternative fuels and ports and power.

The new name would emphasise strength, durability and continuity. Whilst key members of staff were tasked with managing the change process, and ensuring colleagues embraced the change in a positive manner, Victoire as an existing supplier was tasked with working on a wide range of promotional and printed materials, all to be completed to coincide with the launch date of the new name.

We therefore set about multi-tasking like never before. Once the new web address was confirmed, proofs were prepared for obvious items such as new stationery and business cards. Promotional items for staff and customers included coasters and cotton carrier bags. Labels for general use and brochure stock were produced. Revised roller banners used regularly at trade shows were drafted up. An A5 change of name card was produced, and Victoire handled the mailing of this to separate customer and supplier databases, totalling over 6,000 UK and overseas records.

Within the offices, display boards up to A1 in size showing the new name and branding and outlining the company’s key values of Openness, Doing it Right, Operational Excellence and Teamwork were produced and readied for the launch date.

Overlooking no detail, finally three designs of rubber stamp were proofed and produced. Having demonstrated versatility and responsiveness, Victoire was pleased to have fulfilled and delivered a range of items in readiness for the name change, having worked closely with Samson staff throughout.