International Spinal Research Trust – Conference and Promotional Items

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International Spinal Research Trust – Conference and Promotional Items

We specialise in the printing of documentation for conferences and training here is an example from our archives

Victoire Press Spinal-ResearchInternational Spinal Research Trust (ISRT) is the UK’s leading and most influential spinal cord repair charity, developing reliable treatments for paralysis caused by a broken back or neck. Investing more than £1 million each year, the Trust sets the standard for spinal cord research across the world and is at the forefront of developing strategies for repair.

The Trust’s annual Network Meeting brings together well over a hundred scientists, students and clinicians from all over the world. The meeting provides an opportunity for those involved in all the current research grants to meet and discuss the latest research projects, and sets the stage for future progress.

Victoire has worked with Spinal Research for some years, supplying materials required for the meeting, including the Annual Research Review. This is a book of 120-130 or so pages consisting largely of reports on current research grants. As such it is a valued document outlining the pioneering research dealing with the complex issue of spinal cord injury.

Whilst the document remains in A4 hard copy, it has for the last two years also been supplied as a PDF pre-loaded onto a branded USB stick. Prior to this a CD version offered a digital format of the Research Review. Whereas the CD is not re-writable, the USB format serves as a more useful promotional item for the recipient to record other files and use on an ongoing basis.

Other printed items required for the meeting include an Abstract Book and an A5 programme. All items are proofed in close conjunction with ISRT. Victoire helps by applying a high level of attention to detail at all stages, yet very much with an understanding of the necessary deadlines.

Some events or conferences warrant a variety of printed items: lanyards, badges, note pads, pens, bags, CDs, etc. Our strengths across a wide range of print media make us a capable supplier in handling the various materials often required. An understanding of deadlines and ability to project manage mean we always do our utmost to ensure a smooth build up to such an event.

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