Membership Card for Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club

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Membership Card for Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club

The Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club (kcwc) is an organisation of international and British women who wish to enjoy everything London has to offer.Kensington & Chelsea Women's Club membership card 2

As with all membership-based organisations, membership cards provide a means of identification. kcwc members are entitled to a range of generous member benefits offered by various retailers, restaurants, etc. Previously club membership cards had been handwritten on request or consisted of a label stuck on the reverse of a plain business card. This approach was time-consuming to manage, haphazard and did not reinforce club branding.

As the supplier of the Club’s newsletter, Victoire was approached to offer a solution. The key criteria were identified as:

– A card that could be used as a personalised name badge for General Meetings, and contain unique information such as member ID, user name, expiry date.
– A card to serve as secure ID when presented to a Member Benefit provider.
– A system that could be implemented with minimal cost, and run on a consistent basis moving forwards.

The Club’s membership runs on a 12 month rolling basis, with monthly renewals numbering between 70 – 120. Our print design solution was therefore an A4 sheet with an integrated peel out card, to be personalised each month for new and renewing members from the database supplied for the newsletter mailing. Cards could then be produced cost-effectively in small batches and mailed together with the newsletter, with no increase in postage costs.

The construction of the card on the A4 sheet allows both sides to be personalised. The card is then peeled out and folded in half, so that when used as a name badge the confidential information is not visible to others. This was an important consideration for the Club. The A4 sheet also includes a covering letter, confirming the member’s unique details, thanking them for their membership and providing other useful information.

The result is a system that offers professional, dated and secure membership cards with costs that are easily quantified and budgeted by the Club.

Shelagh Wilson, in charge of kcwc membership services, comments:

“I really appreciated the helpful suggestions from Victoire to achieve our objectives, the end result has been very well received by our members and may even be encouraging members to renew their memberships to get a card. There is evidence for this as people keep asking me how they get a printed card!”