Newsletter Printing and Mail Fulfillment

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Newsletter Printing and Mail Fulfillment

The Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club (kcwc) is a non profit amenity society run by its members as volunteers working to foster friendship and interaction amongst women of all ages and international backgrounds living in London and its surrounding areas.

With a membership approaching 900, the newsletter, published ten times a year, is a vital means of communicating club news, events and activities. Established in 1983, kcwc has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and chose to take the newsletter forward with Victoire handling the design and layout, printing and mailing of each issue.

The newsletter consists of an electronic version in full colour available to members via the website, together with a hard copy which is black only, except for the colour cover.Victoire Press Kensington Chelsea Womens Magazine

Before Victoire’s involvement, the online version mirrored the hard copy. Lacking colour, the effectiveness of adverts and photographs was reduced. The online version also viewed only as single pages, so that any double page spreads such as the calendar pages were difficult to read.

The new online version created by Victoire is in full colour and views two pages together, with links to all web and email addresses. These enhancements offer better value to all advertisers, and make the newsletter a more user-friendly communication piece than before.

In close conjunction with kcwc, Victoire has overseen a re-design of the newsletter. Changes in font and revisions to page layout and heading styles, provide a more contemporary and fresh look, both informative and easy to read.

Publishing a 52 page newsletter demands much hard work behind the scenes by kcwc’s editorial team and all contributors. A guide has been drawn up outlining the kcwc house style, to ensure consistency of format for the plethora of details such as dates, times, etc, that are regularly featured. This helps smooth out the proofing process and ensures each issue is finalised and prepared for print in accordance with kcwc’s schedule.

Once printing is completed, Victoire personalises a bespoke envelope using the updated membership data file, encloses and mails to all members. Extra advertising can be added in the form of fliers if required. A copy is also sent to each advertiser, together with extra copies to nominated individuals and charity representatives.

The whole process is managed closely by Victoire and kcwc at all stages. Kim Parkash, Newsletter manager, comments:

We moved to Victoire Press to get better value for money and a more personal service and our members have been delighted with the results. Adrian is always happy to help with any questions, big or small, and is so friendly and approachable.”