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February 16, 2015
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Otherworld Miniatures

Barrowmaze Otherworld Miniature Victoire Press Barrowmaze Otherworld Minature Box by Victoire PressOtherworld Miniatures is a Hertfordshire based company, producing an extensive range of specialist, small (28mm tall) fantasy gaming figures.  The figures are cast using high-quality pewter or resin and are supplied unpainted for the collector or gamer to paint.  Many of the miniatures require assembly and some have several parts.  As new figures are regularly added to the catalogue, the range continues to grow, as will their packaging requirements.

Otherworld Miniatures sell many of their figures through their online shop, with destinations all around the world so when the owner of the company approached us to help with their packaging problem, we were glad to come up with a suitable and cost saving solution.
Having been let down by their packaging supplier, we were asked to come up with a vehicle to hold the internal packaging tray and figures securely and be suitable for postal distribution.

They had previously been using a cloth zip wash-bag style case, but this was proving to be an expensive choice and when there were manufacturing issues, they were no longer able to fulfil the order.

Our solution was to design a box, working on the dimensions inside to outside – taking into consideration the packaging tray inside.  We designed a simple one piece cardboard box which was printed a solid black to one side with a simple ‘fold up’ closure top and bottom.  This initial quantity of boxes (x1000), were supplied flat packed for easy storage.

In addition, from artwork supplied, we printed outer sleeves. Each sleeve was printed full colour to one side and laminated on the outside.  The sleeves were finished with score and fold lines and a sealing flap.  The sleeves were supplied boxed flat by type, for the client to add a strip of double sided tape and make up as required giving him the flexibility he required.

The end result is a very stylish and smart piece of packaging, robust enough to be sent around the globe whilst also looking good at exhibitions and on shop shelves.

Quote from client: ‘I have worked with David Ward for several years, and was delighted when he came up with a great solution for our packaging problems. We already had a good stock of cover sleeves, as well as the internal foam liners, so our box design had to fit both.  The flat-packed card boxes are a simple and elegant solution to our needs.’