Practical Clinical Skills Workbook – Addenbrooke’s Hospital

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July 8, 2020
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September 11, 2020

Practical Clinical Skills Workbook – Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Whenever a new student doctor enrols at the Clinical School at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, they are issued with a Clinical Skills Handbook. And we at Victoire are proud to have been producing that very handbook in various guises for them for many years. The work is commissioned through the Clinical Skills Unit at the hospital, so is a very real, useful and necessary piece of literature. Victoire Press New Clinical Skills Workbook Addenbrookes

The latest version has taken a couple of giant leaps forward, so we wanted to tell you about it in a little more detail.

The last iteration of the handbook was presented in an A5 ring-binder style folder with A5 inserts. While useful (and, obviously, beautifully produced!), it was big and bulky, needing really to be transported around in a bag. Now as we all know, doctors are very, very busy people and they often have their hands full, so we wanted to offer a new solution.

The request was for a new look, a more powerful tool, and overall, a more useful workbook. It also needed to be relatively cost-effective on a print run of 350.

Our solution was therefore a much smaller, sleeker model. At a handy A6 (roughly postcard-sized) format, it features a polypropylene ring binder with carefully formatted pages within. It can fit nicely into a doctor’s coat pocket, so can be carried with them at all times that they are on duty, without causing any inconvenience, so it can be referred to easily and quickly with minimum disruption or fuss.

This workbook has been made even more invaluable by the generation and use of a QR (quick response) code.  Essentially a digital barcode, the stamp-sized code allows users to scan it with their mobile phones to access websites, download content or unlock other features unique to the code – whatever the client has briefed really.

This specific QR code has been generated to allow students to download a PDF of the entire workbook, allowing them to make notes on the relevant pages digitally, which can then be saved to their device.

Dominic has overseen this project and is very pleased with the new functionality, portability and practicality of the new format. The new technology aspect is likely to appeal to a new generation of clinical students, and make our workbooks an essential and integral part of their everyday routine. It’s great to be able to help a client – and their students – in such a tangible way!