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Printed Clothing By Victoire Press

One of the many services we offer at Victoire is printing clothing. It may not be the most frequent thing that our customers order, but more and more people are coming to us for their fabric print requirements and, as always, we’re only too happy to help.

We recently had a customer based in St Albans called Diaverum who wanted to get 100 t-shirts printed with their logo. We had to match the t-shirts as closely as possible to their logo colour, which is bright orange – which gives them great stand out! We sourced a variety of colours and chose the ones closest to their logo. We were able to provide samples so they could choose which sizes to opt for, and having actual samples meant they could be confident of the fit, which can be an issue with clothing which generally comes in broad sizing bands such as small, medium or large, rather than more specific measurements.

WPrinting process Victoire Presse offer a range of print and embroidery solutions for customers to suit their needs. For example, transfer printing is perfect for matching exact colours and can be cost-efficient even on small print runs – even as few as 10 or 12. It involves a set price regardless of size so can be a good option for larger images. For higher print runs, say 300 or more, embroidery can be a really good option, and is priced on a stitching cost, so larger or very intricate designs will cost more. It allows a high quality, detailed finish which is perfect for uniforms or branded garments for guests or as items for resale.

For t-shirts we can source simple round-necked or polo-shirts, but also long sleeved tops and other more specific options depending on what is needed. But our range of fabric printing options extends well beyond t-shirts; dressing gowns or robes, lab coats, personalised sportswear, beanie hats or baseball caps, head bands, tracksuits, footwear – the possibilities really are endless, and of course their usage is too, whether it be for promotional merchandise, sponsorship attire or branded staff or guest wear. (Or possibly just for a hen or stag party! We’ve seen it all…)

We can always provide samples so you know exactly what you’re getting up front, in terms of quality, colour, size and fit, and we can either just print your designs or help you to create something from scratch.

If you would like to receive a copy of our brochure, which gives more detail about the huge range of options available, just give us a call or email We can either send you a copy in the post or as a PDF file via email.