Printing Branded Marketing Assets

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April 14, 2020
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May 5, 2020

Printing Branded Marketing Assets

We are proud to work with a wide variety of clients at Victoire, and no two are ever the same. From dairies to high tech start-ups, we’ve worked with them all, and we know what they all have in common: a need for consistently high quality marketing materials.
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So when data-analytics company Atheon approached us with a fairly “bread-and-butter” request for marketing materials, we knew exactly how to produce the goods. (Literally!) They needed a range of marketing materials to be used in everyday promotion, as well as look good at an upcoming trade show.

Sourcing a range of promotional materials separately from different inevitably results in inconsistency. Whether it’s the general quality, the colour variations or the layout and positioning, minute differences can really affect the finished product range. And when it’s your company’s logo and brand at stake, consistency is absolutely imperative.

At Victoire, our co-ordinated team works together to produce extensive ranges of promotional items ensuring consistency and quality across the board, regardless of the substrate being used or the product being created.

Using our promotional gifts catalogue, we were able to identify and source a quality pen that would accommodate Atheon’s logo printed onto the barrel.  As the perfect accompaniment to the pen, we designed and produced a simple yet useful A5 branded notepad. We also produced a series of nine different A4 flyers and an A4 folder.

A series of pull up graphic display panels were also required for use at the trade show.  Following the client’s brief, we designed a generic yet thought-provoking design that would ensure maximum usage from the display panels and serve as a good backdrop at any event or showcase. The overall impact was much better because all the items were produced by one company – and at Victoire, we pride ourselves on always producing the highest quality results.