Scudamore’s – Cambridge Punting Passport

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July 21, 2014
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Scudamore’s – Cambridge Punting Passport

Scudamore's Cambridge Punting Passports produced by Victoire Press Cambridge.docxWhat could be more typically English than punting on the River Cam?  It’s a world-famous setting and Scudamore’s are the leading punting company in the city.

Visitors from all around the world flock to Cambridge to admire the historic sites, and one of the most popular ways to experience the city is in a punt. People always love the little facts and anecdotes that are passed on as they punt, and Scudamore’s wanted to give customers a handout of some sort to act as both a reference guide for sightseeing and a nice memento of their day on the river.
Working with an excellent local designer, they came up with the “Cambridge Punting Passport”, a fun but informative keepsake children’s activity book.

The Passport is a simple A4 sheet folded in quarters, beautifully illustrated, with rules of the river, map of the punting route and a couple of little quizzes for good measure. There’s also a sheet of nifty stickers which can be stuck onto the map to help you keep track of where you are, and a puzzle to solve too. As you head along The Backs, can you correctly identify the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical Bridge?  And is it true or false that the more people stand on the Mathematical Bridge, the stronger it becomes?

For a company that provides a service to the public, the passport is a fun way to engage with your customers on the day and even once the activity has taken place.  It acts as a keepsake, rather like a business card and we all know how handy they can be! It is designed as a valuable resource in entertaining younger punters along the way – always appreciated by harassed parents!

The Cambridge Punting Passport is a wonderful way to engage with the audience in a fun and quirky way.  Adults and children alike will enjoy these throughout the summer months!

We printed 5000 of the passports, and folded them with the sticker inserts ready to be handed out.

If you have an idea for a handout, reference guide or other giveaway, come and talk to us. Not only do we have countless examples to help inspire you, we can help you work out the logistics and fulfilment too.