Soham Village College – Class of 2014 CD

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December 5, 2014
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Soham Village College – Class of 2014 CD

Victoire Press Soham Village College DVDWhen Adrian was asked by his daughter to help her and her classmates commemorate their time at senior school, he was happy to lend a hand. Like many secondary schools, Soham Village College celebrates the end of year 11 with a Prom. Many months of preparation go into organising the end of year extravaganza, but within a few short hours the evening is over – and so too is each teenager’s time at school.

They worked together to mastermind and create a commemorative CD as a keepsake, to be given to each member of the graduating class.

Hundreds of images had to be sorted through and selected, from fresh-faced year 7s just a few years ago, throughout their school careers and right up to the night itself. Added to these were libraries of Prom arrivals and photos taken throughout the evening, capturing all the students at their most glamorous. The CD also included a collection of YouTube links, showing a series of events recorded throughout their time at school.

The Prom’s theme was 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll, so the onbody artwork was designed to simulate a vinyl record.

Once the master copy was ready and had the seal of approval, 220 copies were made, and each and every member of the Class of 2014 was awarded their keepsake CD – on GCSE results day.

Whatever the reason for producing commemorative materials such as CDs, DVDs, photography collections or books, be they personal, corporate or just for posterity, every project deserves our utmost care and respect. We’re quite sure those CDs will be looked back at very fondly over the years to come – however much embarrassment they may have caused at the time!