The Elizabeth Dickens Brochure

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October 17, 2014
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The Elizabeth Dickens Brochure

Elizabeth Dickens, specialist bridal veil manufacturers based in Soham, requested help with the production of their new 2014 brochure.Elizabeth Dickens Brochure produced by Victoire Press 2

Elizabeth Dickens design and produce all their own veils. With an extensive range of over 400 products and new designs regularly being added to their collection, it was vital that the new brochure was completed in time for the main autumn 2014 buyers’ show in Harrogate.

The previous brochure had a generous layout but only featured around 50 veils over 24 pages. The aim now was to increase the number of designs pictured, but without a substantial increase in page count. Working with business owners Alan and Nina Dicks, Adrian suggested a new page layout to better utilise the space on each page. This increased the number of veils shown on each page, whilst still retaining the close up/detail shot of each veil within the main picture, especially important in demonstrating the intricate detail and features of each Elizabeth Dickens veil.

A sample double page spread was produced to ensure the new layout would work. With excellent photography supplied, a first full draft was then produced with veils placed in sections such as “Embroidered Edge”, “Lace Edge”, etc. It was important to ensure a satisfactory flow throughout the brochure, with most sections placed over one or two double page spreads. The end result portrays over 100 veils over 20 pages.

Adrian also worked with Alan and Nina to create a features table, outlining the specific features for all veils shown in the brochure. This ensures that with a quick glance, stockists can gain an overview of each veil and provide brides to be with the best advice in selecting their veil for their special day.
The finished brochure was completed just in time for the Harrogate Bridal Fair and we feel confident that it won’t be long before every discerning bridal shop will be checking they have the latest Elizabeth Dickens veil in stock.

Elizabeth Dickens’ director Alan Dicks comments:
“Our company has used Victoire Press for over 10 years for all our printing, we find it very reassuring that we can throw ideas/problems at them and they come back with cost effective solutions. Adrian is available to visit allowing us to look at layouts/proofs and more importantly paper thicknesses and qualities taking the guesswork out of important decisions.”