25 Years !

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March 27, 2015
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May 1, 2015

25 Years !

25 years logo IdeaWe can’t quite believe it’s been 25 years, but that is indeed how long it has been since Howard and Tony created Victoire Press. A lot has happened in those 25 years, and we wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts with you at what really is quite a momentous landmark for us.

We’ve gone from a team of just eight, once the Cambridge County Council printing department, to a team of over 25 in that time, with bigger premises and a wider range of services than ever. But one thing that remains consistent is our dedication to our customers, to the environment, to the wider society, and to the relationships we have with our suppliers.

Victoire has always been a pioneering business, and we were one of the first in Cambridge to have digital print machines. We’re always on the lookout for new techniques, machinery and solutions, and we love to be set a challenge by our customers. Our team is innovative and creative, reliable and thorough, and our promise really stands for something.

We are immensely proud to have so many long-standing customers, and think of it as testament to our dedication to customer service. We always try to surpass expectations and give the best possible quality, using our team’s collective – and very extensive – experience. We are so lucky to have such devoted, hard-working, talented people working for us, and our people tend to stay with us for many years. We were sorry to see Howard retire in 2012, and it was with great sadness that we learned he had passed away earlier this year. The quality, passion and dependability of our business stands as his ongoing legacy, and one we are determined to protect and maintain.

We are just as committed to the wider environment as it we are to our customers, and we take sustainability and conservation extremely seriously. As we have written about before, we signed up to Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture scheme in 2013, ensuring that trees are being constantly replaced, reducing carbon dioxide and replenishing natural materials. The scheme also creates new wildlife habitats, aids flood prevention and offers wind protection, as well as creating beautiful natural spaces for the public to enjoy. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions; one tonne of paper purchased equates to 14 m2 of woodland and captures half a tonne of Co2. Given the amount of paper we get through each year, it’s an important initiative for us. We also attend their annual tree planting day too, which is a hard day’s work for everyone!

Social responsibility is also high on our agenda, and we support many local and national charities. The Macmillan Coffee Morning is an annual event, with mouth-watering baking on offer from the staff and supported by customers, suppliers and the general public. We have also competed in a mini triathlon for Children in Need in association with Domino, taken part in the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon, done numerous Race for Life runs for Cancer Research – and never pass up the chance to get into fancy dress for charity!

Victoire is also a keen supporter of local charity and education initiatives. We recently donated 48,000 business cards to help a global mathematics project in Cambridge (the MegaMenger Project) and have also helped with printing promotional materials for charity concerts and gigs, such as the Soundwave Project’s 2013 “rockaoke” gig at the Portland Hotel to combat society stigmas around mental health issues. We take social responsibility seriously and are keen to get involved in worthy projects in the area.

However successful our first 25 years have been though, we are not complacent about the future. We are proud of our achievements, and work extremely hard to ensure that we have plenty more years ahead of us. We know the economic climate is tough, but we hope that by offering quality products and a high standard of service, we can carry on serving our customers for many more years to come.

Finally, a message from Tony. He says, “I think as a business owner it is sometimes difficult to step outside of the bubble you find yourself in, and reflect on achievements; both your own and of those around you. But putting this article together has made me do just that and I am very proud of what Howard and I have achieved in the last 25 years and also I am very proud of all my staff, both past and present, for their commitment to Victoire. We are a team and I strongly believe this has been a reason for our longevity. We are grateful to all our suppliers and customers for their continued loyalty – we could not have succeeded for 25 years without each and every one of their support – so thank you all!”