Little printer, big potential

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December 13, 2018
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October 14, 2019

Little printer, big potential

Mimaki UV LED flatbed printer at VictoireAs we talked about in our newsletter, we always make sure we keep our machinery up to date and ready to cope with whatever our customers need. On-demand printing and short print runs across all manner of items are constantly required, and our brand new Mimaki UV LED flatbed printer allows us to offer greater flexibility than ever before.
The printer is extremely versatile, and gives high quality print on an incredible range of materials and even products. It doesn’t take up a great deal of space and is renowned for its reliability.
One of its very useful features is its ability to print six colours, plus white and clear inks and varnishes, making it useful in all sorts of instances. We print a lot of promotional products for customers, and this printer means we can continue to expand our range even further.


Printing on a vinyl cover at Victoire

This is all made possible by the printer’s UV LED technology, which prints without generating much heat, meaning that it can print onto just about anything. It includes an automatic pre-priming system to simplify the whole process, and offers a stunning range of finishes, including some wonderful clear ink effects, giving customers plenty of choice as to how their products will look once they’re finished.


Importantly for us, this printer is also environmentally friendly. UV LEDs have a longer life span and use less energy than traditional UV lamps, and there is reduced waste thanks to both a reduction in transfer waste and the on-demand functionality. It’s quiet, quick and doesn’t produce unpleasant odours.


Badge printing at VictoireInvesting in our machinery and continuing to offer up-to-the-minute print solutions is all part of our service commitment to our customers. At Victoire we know the importance of quality, flexibility and efficiency, and this new printer epitomises all three perfectly. So whatever you have in mind for your next print product, give us a call and we can help you make it happen.