Digging for tomorrow

Because we print on paper. And paper comes from trees. And because we care.
November 28, 2014
Soham Village College – Class of 2014 CD
December 18, 2014

Digging for tomorrow

Tree planting collage Victoire Press smLast week, we blogged about our printer, Gary, who recently participated in a Woodland Trust initiative, Carbon Capture Tree Planting Day. It took place in Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire and as we use a lot of paper in our line of work, it was great to work on a site which is set to become the UK’s biggest continuous new native woodland.

Last week we gave you an overview of why we take part in this and what it involved but you’ll be pleased to know Gary’s aching arms have since recovered and he’s given us some more information on the day!

He was one of over 150 participants that took part in this day – it was a chilly morning but luckily they were greeted with hot drinks and a breakfast to set them up for the hard work ahead! They were given a short brief on how to plant the trees in the correct way and off out they went – ready to plant a number of different types including Oak, Alder, Willow, Wild Cherry, Rowan, Holly, Beech, and Hazel.

The Woodland Trust manage more than 1,200 woodlands across the UK. This is such an important cause as trees improve our quality of life, making our local communities and neighbourhoods greener and more pleasant places to live.

Clare Allen, Head of Partnerships at the Woodland Trust said: “Heartwood Forest is a really special site for the Woodland Trust. It is our largest site in England at 857 acres. It is our biggest woodland creation site and as well as this it is also has several areas of much treasured irreplaceable ancient woodland dating back hundreds of years.”
Gary is chuffed to have worked at this site and to have worked on such a large site; the combined effort on the day saw them plant 3000 saplings! We will be back to do it all again next year and if you want to get involved, you can find some information here www.woodlandtrust.org.uk.