From Printing to Planting!

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November 27, 2013
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January 6, 2014

From Printing to Planting!

Victoire Press tree planting for Woodland TrustYou will have seen from previous blog posts that in April 2013, we signed up to the Carbon Capture scheme in association with the Woodland Trust.

See our May blog to find out why we signed up to this.

See our June blog for further information.

So, on 28th November, when Premier Paper organised a tree planting day at Prince William of Gloucester barracks in Grantham, we were keen to get involved! Tony and Dominic wrapped up in their warmest clothes (it was a particularly cold day) to support Woodland Carbon in their mission to create, protect and restore native woodland.

Woodland Carbon work tirelessly for this cause because the UK needs more trees. They recognise that we are one of the least wooded countries in Europe with trees and woods continuing to disappear from our landscapes. This is why we are proud to be helping this team that plant trees on our land and support people, organisations and partners to help make trees part of their land.

It was a fantastic day as lots of different companies pulled together to plant 1,500 trees – 70 of those planted by Tony and Dominic! Reports from Woodland Carbon were that Tony did a lot of digging and said they had “never seen them work so hard!!!” Brilliant job guys and to all involved!