Meet Bobbie Johnson – Graphic Designer

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June 4, 2013
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August 30, 2013

Meet Bobbie Johnson – Graphic Designer

Having recently finished her BA in Graphic Communication at West Suffolk College, Bobbie was on the lookout for a role that would show her how to design for print.

Although she had work experience placements with several graphic design agencies during her university course, Bobbie wanted to see her concepts evolve into printed pieces, to be involved with each project from start to finish and learn about printing techniques along the way.  College focus was very much about the design aspect, she rarely saw anything produced. Bobbie loves the contact with clients, “It’s so helpful to have customer feedback, to work together to achieve their aim. Strong design and good printing – they help you to notice a business, don’t they”, she concludes.

Since joining the Victoire team in May, Bobbie has been working on corporate design briefs, including brochures and leaflets, and the clients are loving her ideas.

Bobbie is a keen photographer and in her spare time has designed an album cover for a local band and provided photographic support for event organisations.

Welcome, Bobbie.