Missed Mothers Cookbook Printing

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November 16, 2016
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Missed Mothers Cookbook Printing

victoire-press_-missed-mothers-charity-cookbook-2 victoire-press_-missed-mothers-charity-cookbookWhen our colleague Adrian came to us with a project in aid of Breast Cancer Care that his niece was producing, we knew immediately we wanted to get involved. Former students Abigail Williams and Eden Humphreys were working on an assignment at university and came up with the idea to create a cookbook filled with recipes from mothers who were dearly missed by their children.

Adrian, as Abigail’s uncle, was proud of what his niece was trying to achieve for the charity and asked us if we could print the book. We were delighted to be able to help; especially when we found out that the cookbook would be dedicated to his own much-missed mum, Gwendolen Williams.

The Missed Mothers cookbook was born and contains recipes from 40 mums, with a picture of each mother alongside a tribute from a family member and a copy of their favourite recipe. It makes a very moving read and is a fabulous way to raise money for a very deserving charity.

We spoke to Abigail about how she and Eden created the book. She explained: “It started out as a university project, as we were both studying Creative Advertising at the University of Lincoln. But it has grown to become so much more.

“Originally we wanted to create a project to celebrate Mother’s Day, but we soon realised that we wanted to make something that was more long-lasting. At the time, my mum had just finished her treatment for cancer and I wanted to make something that would support her too.

“When we hit on the idea, we started asking friends and family to help us collect the recipes, tributes and photos that make up the book. My own grandma’s Malt Loaf and Belgium Chocolate Cake recipes are in there. I can vouch that they are delicious!

“We soon realised we would need to look further afield, so we contacted the Great British Bake Off Crème de la Crème series and asked their pastry chefs to take part. We also asked for submissions through social media and slowly built up enough material to make the book.

“Eden and I put it all together and then approached Victoire for help with printing. We had a print run of 500, initially. So far we have managed to sell more than 300 and we are giving all of the profits to Breast Cancer Care. We hope to bring out another book next year, which will include savoury recipes as well.”

So far, the book has garnered interest from The One Show and two publishers. A story about the project was published in The Guardian online. To find out more or buy a copy of the book, visit www.missedmothers.co.uk.