The MegaMenger Revisited

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February 25, 2015
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March 18, 2015

The MegaMenger Revisited

Edinburgh BathYou may remember that back in the autumn last year we got involved with the MegaMenger Project, a mathematics initiative designed to raise global engagement with maths. We donated 48,000 business cards to help the Cambridge menger sponge be made – and we wanted to update you on how it all went.

20 build sites around the world co-ordinated their efforts to produce multiple mengers, which could, theoretically, be joined together to make an even bigger version. Mengers are essentially a repeating pattern at different scales – in effect, a limitless miniaturisation process.

Kristin Coldwell, who co-ordinated the Cambridge build site and worked with many local schools to raise awareness, says the project has been a great success. She added, “The big news from our point of view is that Dr. Katie Steckles from the University of Manchester, who did the vast majority of the organising of the project worldwide, came to visit us here in Cambridge for our Year 10 Enrichment Day.  She gave workshops on Mathematical Magic during the day and then closed the day with a talk on fractals which inevitably referred to our part of the MegaMenger on display in the entrance to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.  Over 100 Year 10s and their teachers from local schools attended and gave excellent feedback, especially with reference to Katie’s talk.”

We’re delighted to have been involved in such an interesting and educational subject, and it’s wonderful to hear that it has gone down so well with local students. As you can see from the photo, the end result looked fantastic – we quite fancy having one here at Victoire!

The MegaMenger will be on display in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences for the Maths Open Day on Saturday 21st March, 12 noon – 4pm. They are planning some (smaller scale!) fractals hands-on activities too as part of the general maths activities, which we are also keen to be involved in – so watch this space for more fascinating projects.  For more information please visit click here.